Monday, June 24, 2013

The Belle Jar

Hey, so I struck out on my "Mad Men" predictions.

I'm much better at finding stuff.

A few weeks ago, I said I didn't really mind losing my giant, pretty, cut-glass apothecary jar after Toffee smashed it to bits in the middle of the night.

Well, I changed my mind.

I've been hunting online for a replacement since June 2, in my relentless, obsessive way. I'm just thinking ahead, see, to waaay down the road, when the kittens have settled down into lazy lumps (e.g., Possum) and I can safely put fragile objects around my rooms again. (Secured with lots of Quake Hold Museum Putty this time.)

I couldn't find anything as tall or as attractive as my apothecary jar, which came from Pottery Barn last spring. Here's how it looked in early December (accompanied by its furry future hit man). It looked good just holding a few stray ornaments I was keeping safe from the kittens:

Jar: "Can't we all just get along?"  Toffee: "No."

There's nothing like it at Pottery Barn now, or via eBay, Etsy, or any of the usual suspects like Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and Ballard Designs. The best options are at Williams-Sonoma:

The short, wide one seemed promising because it ought to be more stable than a vertical jar, while the big one in the middle is nearly 2 feet tall — as imposing as the one Toffee had issues with.

But, aside from the fact that they aren't cut-glass, something about them bothered me. As I read through the comments on the W-S site, I realized what it was:
... people have made rude comments about the top of the lid looking like a body part. Would love to see an alternate lid available...
Yep. There's no way I can own one of these now that that concept is embedded in my brain. And I bet you can't get one, either.

It slowly dawned on me that Pottery Barn has outlets, and occasionally items languish in outlets for a long time. So, even though I'd bought my jar on clearance 15 months ago, I called. And, lo, there are eight apothecary jars sitting in several outlets in the Midwest and San Francisco. One will arrive here next week for $27 plus shipping. I plan to squirrel it away in a very safe place until Toffee settles down. 

That might be in about 2016.


  1. I hope yo put the new jar on one of Toffee's charge accounts!

  2. I saw a bunch at Marshall's a few weeks ago.
    I love your Kitties!

  3. Yes, they always have some at Marshall's, but I've never seen one quite like this.


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