Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Day that Wasn't

The student intern in charge of running on Saturdays didn't monitor the weather icon in the upper left corner today, so the forecast was "57 and rainy" all day, even though the afternoon was sunny and beautiful, with temperatures in the 70s. It finally changed a few hours ago, after the other student intern who runs on Saturdays arrived for the night shift shift.

But I should not point fingers — although it's hard to avoid, since I have ten of them with nothing better to do.  I'm just back from dashing to the store for Father's Day cards. I checked online and saw that Father's Day is on June 16th this year and somehow got it into my head that it was tomorrow. Since my dad is about to turn 99 in a couple of weeks, I was beyond horrified to be late for Father's Day. I mean, this could be my last opportunity, although dad is in excellent shape for his age. And my dad enjoys getting greeting cards so much that he told me he has saved every one he's ever gotten. Cards are also important because, at his age, he's tough to shop for. He barely leaves his house and he's got enough candy, cookies, DVDs, slippers, ties, and gadgets to stock a small store. (If you can think of anything a 99-year-old would like, please do let me know.*)

So I just limped to CVS,** figuring dad would get my cards on Tuesday at the earliest, and hoping that he'd chalk it up to the mail service instead of his forgetful daughter... and along the way, it occurred to me that the 16th isn't tomorrow but next Sunday, when we will be in Maine. By then, we'll be finishing our week of hanging around the inn, eating too much, catching up on eight months' of local gossip, getting shriveled in the hot tub, and missing our cats. So I happily got my cards, taking my time, savoring the moment.  I threw in one my for my godfather while I was at it. Now I'll just have to remember to pack them and mail them up there.

I don't set such a high premium on greeting cards as my dad does but I have to say how fortunate I feel to be buying them, at my age, for a dad who's his age. It's been 11 years since I've been able to buy a Mother's Day card.

I really hope I get to do this all over again next year.

* He does want a new scale since he claims his never registers more than 120 pounds no matter how many candy bars and bowls of ice cream he eats. He's actually tested it before and after his late-night dessert binge. He's also on a strange sleep schedule so he goes to bed after dawn, gets up in the middle of the afternoon, and doesn't have "breakfast" until supper time.

**Harris ran over my foot as he was chasing the laser pointer dot yesterday. His back claws were like daggers and left me with bloody toes. It hurts to wear flip flops, and all my other sandals always hurt anyway. All three boys got pedicures today.


  1. How very lucky you are to have a dad still! Mine passed 21 yrs ago and I still tear up at Fathers day. Enjoy your dad and send him at least one card. Maybe even a pre fathers day, a fathers day and a followup fathers day cards...give him something in the mailbox other than junk and bills. Also enjoy Maine. Bar Harbor is one of my favorites, prob because I have been there most recently (25 yrs ago). Breathe deep the pine scented air.

  2. Hi likes receiving greeting cards. You're a writer, and you appreciate the artistry in greeting cards. Why not send him one every day for the next year? An annotated journal of sorts. Slip in pressed flowers, leaves, photos, create your own - the mind boggles at opportunities for flatness goodness.


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