Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Toffee Fluffing Out?

It seems to us that Toffee is growing fluffier again, after losing his long coat in the winter for reasons we don't understand.

Here's Toffee in December, when he was still a fluffy kitten (with the ever-adorable Harris):

Here's Toffee several weeks later, as a shorthaired cat. He kept his raccoon tail and belly fur, but his ruff and even his long ear tufts disappeared with his luxurious coat:

His tabby stripes were suddenly well defined instead of soft and blurry. We thought he looked kind of bug-eyed and weird, in an awkward-adolescent way:

Lately we've noticed that his neck is looking fluffier, and there are long hairs growing along his front legs and chest. You can see those spiky long hairs in this photo:

And I've been convincing myself that his outline is beginning to soften, and his tabby markings are starting to "blur" again as his coat fills in. What do you think? I hope we're getting our longhaired Toffee back, although I don't expect his behavior to improve.


  1. Poor Toffee, he is such a victim. You're completely innocent in my book buddy ;). My dmh went through the same thing and her hair came back twice as fluffy and her tabby lines very blurry.

  2. Harry sure does know how to work the camera to catch his best looks!
    Toffee seems to be re-inventing himself again. He will be a man of many looks! (but there will always be a little of the "bad boy" in him...)
    Possum looks svelt and as for Wendy? She is a lady of mystery.

  3. I'd agree. He looks a bit all around fluffier in the photos. Does Harris have a dense coat? Buttons has the such dense fur, it reminds me of a rabbits coat.

  4. Harris has a soft, silky "bunny" coat, but it's not very long or dense. He's beginning to grow a ruff. I look forward to seeing how his adult coat grows in. He is "tweedier" than ever, with lots of shades and ticking in his tabby stripes. Hugs to Buttons! He chewed off many of Harris's whiskers when they were playmates, but they've grown back!

  5. Buttons coat isn't very long yet either, but it does seem to be getting so. Buttons must have a thing for hair, he loves to chew on my hair and he tried to chew on my friends beard! Glad Harris has his whiskers back! Harris is beautiful and sweet looking. I always enjoy his pictures!

  6. Please post some photos of Buttons... on Facebook via Kitten Associates? I'd love to see him! I predict that Harris and Buttons will have beautiful adult coats, with fluffy ruffs to match their tails, but not such long fur that we'll have to deal with mats all the time. Harris doesn't nurse on our earlobes and sweaters as much as he once did, but he will nibble my hair a bit. We are SO lucky to have these kittens. We owe Robin and Donna so much for saving them and raising them so well!

  7. They did a wonderful job. We too, are so grateful! I will post some, or get them to you via Robin within the next few days.


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