Friday, July 26, 2013

Another One of those Days

The hallway renovations are proceeding and the place is surprisingly navigable today. I'm so looking forward to having it finished. It desperately needed redecorating when we moved in 15 years ago and it only got worse since then. It's going to look great when it's done. (I confess that I chose the lighting, paint, and carpeting.)

I will soon head outside, which I look forward to, since it's cool and breezy again today.

I'm going to pick up a prescription for some eyedrops. I picked up the same prescription yesterday. And then I left the bottle on my desk, where I'd remember to use it this morning. I remembered — but the bottle was gone. I was on my hands and knees all morning, hunting with a flashlight. I asked Harris what he did with it; he was not forthcoming. He curls up and sleeps between us in the mornings now, which I suppose he considers full atonement for any crimes he commits beforehand.

It's hard to get replacement prescriptions: insurance doesn't cover them unless the pharmacist calls and pleads idiocy on your behalf. I won't know if she succeeded, or if my eye drops will cost $7 or $25, until I get there.

But I'm sure the missing bottle will turn up as soon as I get home.

But before I go out. I must  vacuum. If you read this blog with any regularity, you know I always have to vacuum. I hate it. But I'm not just overdue — I was making my lunch and dropped a glass, which shattered into a million tiny bits all over the kitchen. I have no idea how it happened; it was over in about two seconds. At least I remembered to be very calm and quiet as I herded three cats into the bedroom, away from the mess, and shooed Wendy under the sofa. She doesn't let us pick her up without a struggle.

I swept it all up and I'll vacuum for extra insurance. I should wash the kitchen floor — after I got a second glass, I reached into the fridge for my nice, full pitcher of iced tea, and poured it all over the floor and my foot.

I can't wait to see what happens next. And I will try not to kill myself while vacuuming, or get run on the way to CVS and the farmer's market. And Williams-Sonoma for a replacement glass or two...

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