Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brimfield, Last Weekend

We went to Brimfield last Saturday, before the heat wave made it too awful to go out. Since our apartment is already full of stuff, I didn't buy anything except several replacement crystals for the sad chandelier in our lobby. I enjoy Brimfield for walking around, browsing, and having an apple fritter. Many dealers oblige people like me by making eye-catching, often surreal displays in front of their tents.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The gas masks are a nice touch.

 That is a monkey wrapped around whatever the heck that is on the front fender.
I have no idea what this is... a camouflage outfit for hunting abominable snowmen?

So I guess this would be the ensemble for hunting abominable snowmen in tropical climates.

If you needed a few dozen very iffy lifesavers, you'd be all set.

How often do you find a photo of the owner of a vintage dress tucked in with the dress? Wonderful.

One dealer scored a big haul of what must be musty-dusty Masons' outfits and so on...

I kind of wanted one but couldn't imagine putting it on my head. 

I saw this both coming in and going out of the parking lot at Quaker Acres, so it had to be a deliberate tableau.

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  1. Do you watch American Pickers on the History Channel? Rusty gold!

    We are looking for a marble top table so let us know next time you're going. I could make you my buying agent!


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