Monday, July 8, 2013

(Animal) Crackers

We heard a crash in the kitchen last night and, since we were both buried under laptops, we ignored it for a minute. Always a big mistake: Harris knocked a tub of Trader Joe's Cinnamon Graham Crackers off the counter. Naturally, the lid came off and crackers and crumbs spilled everywhere — even though we both need all of our strength, intelligence, and fortitude to pry open the damn thing ourselves.

I learned that cats really like graham crackers. Harris carried one into the living room to enjoy it by himself. As you can see, Toffee doesn't understand the concept of privacy and followed him right out. (Toffee does understand the concept of sharing, as long as he's the one benefiting.)

I took that cracker away, and we all went back into the kitchen for more. Yes, that packing material from my apothecary jar is still lying around, since the boys weren't done playing with it. They are done now; it went into the recycling bag last night. Smashed graham crackers leave loads of tiny, sticky crumbs, even after you think you've swept and wiped them up. It's been too hot to vacuum this week, but now I can't wait to do it, with these crumbs stuck to my feet.

In the photo below, you can see Possum trying to distract me from the kittens' sugar binge by dictating the recipe for Cat S'mores. I didn't know there was one, but according to him, it consists of two graham crackers, a freshly toasted marshmallow, and a sardine, or picked herring, or some lutefisk, or smoked salmon, or whatever fish you've got. 

Sorry, Possum. We don't have any marshmallows. Or graham crackers.

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  1. These are great photos, your cats are just adorable!


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