Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Possum Turns 4

Today is Possum's 4th birthday. We congratulated him and he congratulated us back, telling us how lucky we were to have him. What could we do but agree? He is a magnificent cat in every way. I always tell him that he is the greatest thing since the sliced banana.

He is nervous tonight because he has been convinced for some time that Princess Kate was waiting for his birthday to have the Royal Baby.

"But, Possum," I said, "Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Princess Kate is very intelligent," he replied. "She would want her baby to be born on a fortuitous day, and so what could be better than my birthday? You've seen my fortune in the Birthday Book, haven't you?"

Possum was referring to a little book I'd bought long ago, which gives a fortune for each day of the year. They are strangely accurate. That, and the fact that there's no author or publisher listed, have convinced Possum that the book came straight from God.

Judge for yourself. Here's Possum's fortune:
You are self-reliant, resourceful, and very understanding. You spend much time and thought in making your home artistic and attractive. You enjoy entertaining and are an interesting and brilliant conversationalist. By your kindly manner, you will create a happy and pleasant home life.
Well, that's a perfect description of Possum. He spends some of his time getting whatever he wants. He spends another portion of his day talking my ear off, and he usually is pretty entertaining, especially considering what passes for most cat conversation. He has many intriguing ideas about art. But he spends most of his time lying around in artistic and attractive poses. He's also so kind to us and the kittens (and to Wendy, when he isn't biting her to try to improve her) that he has made our home life very happy and pleasant indeed.

Possum's favorite baby photo, before calicivirus sores and ringworm ruined his nose.

Not all the fortunes are so lucky. Some of them are so bad that I can't read them aloud to new parents. Here's Wendy's fortune:
You are positive and almost stubborn. Your very definite ideas of right and wrong are emphatic and you can't tolerate the slightest deviation from them in others. In your passion for correctness, you endeavor to have your friends follow your own ideas.
Wow. Wendy sounds like a total pain. And she isn't. She's definitely stubborn and judgmental, though. She disapproves of me quite a lot. I'm going to have to think about this, because I have always believed that Wendy was just nervous when she'd run away from me or refuse to let me pet her. But maybe she really thinks I'm horribly wrong and incorrect.

I will have to talk to Possum about this. But he's too upset right now over Princess Kate.

"She'd better get busy," he just told me. "Because if she doesn't hurry up and have that baby, she's going to have to wait a whole year!"

Little Bug Eyes, so sincere.

Wendy used to encourage Possum's scholarship since he did all her homework for her.


  1. Today is my senior cat's 15th birthday. We have been holding out for the baby to be born on today's day :) Happy Birthday Possum >^..^<

  2. Happy birthday to your cat!

    Possum is feeling really bad for Kate today; when I tell him it's okay, he just looks at me.

  3. OMG the picture of "little bug eyes" is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! If it hadn't been taken by you I would have SWORN it was photo shopped because it looks so much like one of my daughter Jennifers' stuffed animals called Beanie Boos. (they have the same BIG round eyes.)
    Happy Belated Birthday to Possum and to Wendy. Loved the kitten picture of her.


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