Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sale Time at Garnet Hill

Facebook friends of Garnet Hill got a heads-up about their semi-annual clearance sale, which began today. They've marked down everything from last winter's cashmere sweaters and socks to summer dresses and tees. The website has been misbehaving because of high traffic, so you'll need to be patient.

Luckily for me, I have a dress to exchange, so I called in my order this morning and got free shipping on my sale items. One of the great things about Garnet Hill is their free exchanges policy.

I ordered this dress in black, for $44. It looks easy to wear and versatile:

I'm also going to try this summer skirt, marked down to $38:

I'm not the ruffled type, but I have a similar skirt from Garnet Hill with straight tiers of ruffles and it's surprisingly slimming. It's also more fun to wear than the tea-length skirts I've always lived in. 

I think I'm finally too old for the "old lady" clothes I wore throughout my youth and until recently. There comes a point where "quirky librarian" style transforms into "frumpy librarian."And that means it's time to accentuate the (remaining) positives with knee-length skirts, interesting necklines, and so on. 

Since we're having all this hot, humid weather, I'm wearing shorts and tees — as I've done every summer since I was about 3. Those who say that women of a certain age shouldn't wear shorts can go put on a muu-muu or travel up to Mount Desert Island, where everyone lives in shorts. Mine are not Ellie Mae short-shorts, nor are they Jane Hathaway Bermudas, but somewhere in the middle, with a 5" inseam. I think they look fine and, when it's hot, I stop caring about what anyone thinks. I'm even wearing my shorts with an 18"-long strip of black kinesio tape down one leg, which is helping my sore knee. The ruffled skirt could be a more "city-appropriate" alternative, if it's as cool and comfortable as shorts. But how could it be?

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