Monday, July 15, 2013

Scattered Postcards from Newport

Along Ocean Drive, near Brenton Point 

This is a banner year for hydrangeas, and they are everywhere inNewport. Many of my Back Bay neighbors don't water theirs enough, so we have a lot of sad-looking specimens around here. 

Can't get enough blue hydrangeas. 

Newport has loads of restaurants but we usually end up at the Clarke Cook House. We had lunch at a table for two with its own little view of the harbor.

It wouldn't be a trip to Newport without a visit to at least one house museum. This is Marble House. 
The Breakers is our favorite because of its bathrooms and back porches overlooking the sea. But Marble House has its points...

A hydrangea hedge leads lines the paths to the portico with its reflecting pool. 

The Chinese tea house was set up as a very simple café a couple of years ago, after sitting empty for years. It's a great idea and there are ocean views:

How can you not love Newport?

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