Friday, July 5, 2013

Scene from a Distance: Boston's 4th of July Celebration

We were lucky to be invited to a neighbor's party on his fabulous, private, 10th-floor roof deck last night. We've been up there before but the views never get boring. And there was even a cool breeze despite the heat wave:
Beacon Street and the Charles River, with the fireworks barge

 Back Bay from Mass. Ave., looking downtown

The Pru with red, white, and blue lights

The Harvard Bridge, lit with blue police car lights

We were with a crowd from MIT, so they discussed pyrotechnics construction. We didn't hear the concert, but we had a bluegrass trio on the roof deck who
played throughout. There was also a magician who made my husband's torn dollar bill reappear inside an uncut lemon.

My pathetic point-and-shoot surprised me; I was expecting nothing but blur.

Finale. We worried the kittens were freaking out, but our noisy air conditioner can 
even drown out fireworks. They seemed fine when we came home.

Esplanade crowd heading home.


  1. Did you have to cut the lemon to get the dollar bill out, or is it still in there?

  2. I'm jealous. One of my bucket list items is to go to the Boston Pops Fourth of July Spectacular at least once. I was absolutely LIVID when I discovered last night that the show wasn't being broadcast nationally. I got on the CBS website and wrote a very strong worded email that included the phrase "For shame."


  3. First, he borrowed a coin, "lost it," and produced it from inside his empty hat, frozen inside a brick of ice. The lemon had to be sliced in half to reveal the dollar, tightly rolled up in the center. It matched the torn piece with serial number that he'd given back to my husband. (Obviously, he switched bills somehow.) Then he failed at a number of card tricks because it was dark and breezy up there, he said. Indeed he kept dropping cards and they blew around. That's when we said our goodbyes.


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