Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shopping in New York

I was in Manhattan on Sunday for a couple of hours, and went to two of my favorite stores in Union Square: Fishs Eddy and ABC Carpet & Home. Such unprepossessing names for such intriguing places! Fishs Eddy (no apostrophe) sells restaurant-style china and glassware and other fun stuff, while ABC is more of a department store, with seven levels of mostly high-end rugs, furniture, and other home goods, as well as artisan jewelry, accessories and clothing... plus there's a kids' department... and a cafĂ©, and a Deepak Chopra salon and classroom.

I rarely buy much at these stores, although we lugged our heavy Indian coffee table home from ABC via Amtrak years ago. I've also bought linens and glass from time to time. If we ever move, I'll be heading there to shop until my credit card bursts into flames.) But in the meantime, I just wander around, enjoying their creative displays and browsing an abundance of interesting merchandise we seldom see here in Boston. Some photos (click to enlarge):

Vintage-style china at Fishs Eddy

Transferware serving pieces

Teapots and tools at Fishs Eddy 

Indian kantha quilts, woolen throws, and shawls at ABC.

Colorful earrings at ABC.

A column of books. Maybe this would solve our shelving problem....

Or this. 

Party dresses in ABC's children's department

This is a chic child's paradise...

 ...especially for plush animals.

Not sure if these dusty old riding boots and hats are for sale, but I'll bet they are. 

Lighting fixtures in cages are still trendy, I see. Keeps 'em from escaping.

Possum will be upset that I didn't buy him this bicycle rickshaw.
He dreams of owning one so I can chauffeur him around.

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