Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Harris Show

Why are my best cat photos invariably of Harris? Possum used to be the star of the show but he spends too much of his time lounging on his back these days. That belly of his is splendid, but the photos look the same after a while. I have two other gorgeous cats who are frequently in charming poses, but Harris is more photogenic than everyone else combined.

I believe it's because Harris was photographed a lot from a very early age — practically from birth. When we adopted him from Kitten Associates, we received dozens of his baby photos, documenting his development, his mother, his siblings... so I think this is why Harris holds his poses when he sees me with a camera. Somehow his foster mama and his shelter mama taught him modeling skills.

He knows how to show off his best side (his left, apparently, although I see no difference) and he's also figured out that he's extra-cute when his right paw is raised:

He already knew this when he was just 10 weeks old and newly arrived at Kitten Associates:

Photo by Robin Olson, Kitten Associates

He manages to keep that right paw posed even when he's distracted:

Harris also has an unusually expressive face: Here's "I adore my daddy":

Here's "I'm obviously much prettier than my sister":

And here he's eating a chair. No one else does that

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