Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Motive

The replacement apothecary jar —just like the one Toffee broke — arrived on Monday, thanks to Pottery Barn's fine customer service. It is sitting safely on top of our tall Japanese tansu, along with many other breakables that formerly decorated our apartment, all waiting for Toffee to settle down someday.


The jar was packed to survive being dropped from a plane. As I watched the cats explore the box and wrapping material, I finally had an inkling of why Toffee smashed my jar: to get a second one. 

Toffee is cleverly hidden. 

The cats played through the night and we awoke to paper all over the living room and kitchen. I gather it up occasionally when walking gets tricky, but I don't mind a little mess if the cats are happy. Even Wendy snuck up on Toffee and jumped him while he was buried in paper, scaring the heck out of him. Good girl.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh, now it becomes crystal clear! Toffee had an ulterior motive to helping the apothocary jar leap to its demise....He wanted to play in the packing material the new one would come in. Clever! He is a thinking man.
    ps..good job Wendy, keeping the boys on their toes. You deserve as much fun as they do.


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