Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Is it just me, or does Toffee always look like he's up to no good or planning on it soon? He tried to kill my candelabrum again the other day, and he has a new trick of putting his head right over Wendy's as she's eating from her bowl, then pushing her head out of the way with his paw so he can descend straight into her food. I must try to get movies of this, it's an effective technique I've never seen before.

The women at the Animal Rescue League assured me that Toffee was "a little devil" before we adopted him, but he seemed so tiny, innocent, and trusting as he slept in our arms that we thought they had to be mistaken.

Bad, but also magnificent

Never doubt the women at the Animal Rescue League, even if they've named your kitten "Adirondack."

Speaking of names, Toffee has a new last name. He needed one because the other cats have them. T.S. Eliot instructed us in Old Possum's* Book of Practical Cats that cats must have three different names: their everyday, call-me-for-supper name; a more elaborate, unique name; and a secret name that only the cat knows and will never reveal.

So his full name is Toffee von Raughtenpaught (pronounced "rottenpot"). We've always called him "Toffeepot" for reasons I can't begin to explain. I'm not going to try to explain this name, either.

I believe he is going to have the kind of big, dominating personality that dear old Snalbert had, until he left us last July. (Bertie limited his criminal activities to stealing baked goods and using my laptop without permission.) Toffee likes to be around to greet us when we come home, as Bertie did, and he walks around chirping and chatting, whereas Bertie was more of a howler. He isn't even close to filling Snalbert's shoes fuzzy bedroom slippers; I don't think anyone can... but it's a good effort so far.

* No relation, although Possy might tell you otherwise.

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