Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bits & Pieces on the Web

∞ Special Fiat Promo: with every new Fiat 500L, you'll get an authentic Italian family in the backseat. I wish! Watch them work their magic on a standard American couple.

∞ I plan to try a few of these cat-organizing tips: How to store and organize your cats: an impractical guide. If we could store our cats better, we could fit more of them into this small apartment...

∞ A great article about how to "undecorate" older houses for a coherent, unfussy, more spacious look and feel. I rarely find this many good ideas in one place.

∞ This designer-clad guy dresses way better than anyone I know (except, perhaps, my designer-clad, former-model handyman). He knows how to be photographed, too. And he's only 5 years old.

∞ Do you wonder why restaurants are so damn LOUD? Me, too. Here's a history of loudness from a NYC perspective.

∞ Do you remember the quirky and romantic Gargoyles store on Newbury? It closed five years ago; here's a page commemorating it. Listen again to "The Anatomy of Melancholy," the piano music you heard as you wandered among dimly-lit statuary and stained-glass windows from defunct churches. I miss the interesting, independent shops we used to have in Back Bay.

∞ Exquisite nature photography, somewhere in Eastern Europe: A Mouse Upon the Sands.

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