Friday, August 2, 2013

Current Craving: Choco Weggli from Swissbäkers

Thursdays are "Pretzel Day" around here. My husband has always craved the soft German pretzels of his Fulbright Fellowship days, and was amazed that I found some at the Swissbäkers stand at the Prudential Farmer's Market. Only on Thursdays.

They sell a few kinds of pretzels as well as Berliners, which are like jelly donuts or beignets, filled with raspberry jelly or chocolate ganache. I tried one of those but wasn't as thrilled as I'd hoped to be. It wasn't as fluffy, chocolatey, and unwholesome as I would have liked.

Then I tried a Choco Weggli, a soft, sweet roll full of little chunks of Lindt dark chocolate. 

The woman who sold me my first one told me they were her favorite. She splits hers in half and heats the halves in a frying pan with a little butter. 

I slice mine into thirds, toast the pieces lightly, and then butter them. Not decadent in a cupcake-with-frosting way, but satisfying all the same — light, buttery, sweet, and chocolatey.

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