Friday, August 30, 2013

Fabulous Presents with iPhoto

Since we go to Maine each August around my birthday, my husband has a tradition of giving me a present for each day we're there, in addition to presents on my birthday. (I do know I'm extremely spoiled.) Last year we were there for five days before my birthday, so I got six little plush microbes, among other things:

Center: erythrocyte or red blood cell. Clockwise from top: nerve cell, penicillin, 
leukocyte, brain cell, stem cell. Missing: West Nile Virus, which he kept for himself.

This year was even better. My husband made me a series of five large, softcover photography books of our cats, using images from the iPhoto libraries on both of our Macs. He gave me one book each day. There's a book of portraits for each cat, and the fifth has group shots:

I can't imagine a more thoughtful, perfect gift since we both have a lot of great cat photos that we never print. It was especially nice to get these albums in Maine since we miss the cats so much up there.  

The books are simple to make in iPhoto (although they still take time). Apple provides customizable templates for the covers and each page. All you do is choose the formats you want and the photos, and plug the pictures in where you want them. You can add text, too, if you want. Then you send your file to Apple electronically. They print it and mail you the book. 

I wish I'd thought of doing this for my husband's birthday last spring. But there's always next year, and there will be many more good photos to choose from by then.

Toffee wonders why The Book of Harris is so much thicker than all the others. Think, Toffee.

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