Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Harris — and Toffee

Harris is one year old today. We know his birthday because his pregnant mother was rescued by a kind family in Newtown, Connecticut. The family kept his mother and one kitten, I believe, and fostered the others until they were ready to go to our friend Robin at Kitten Associates for adoption. (Click the link to see the current crop of "Squee TV" kittens, their mother, and other great cats waiting for homes.)

We don't know Toffee's birthday, but he's around the same age as Harris, so we're giving him August 10, too. I don't think they'll mind sharing presents and cakes as the years go by.

For Harris, we are lucky to have loads of baby pictures, courtesy of his mom, Donna:

Harris's mom, Winnie, as a pregnant stray. Harris has her eyes and coloring.

Newborn Harris, looking more like a hamster than a cat.

Eyes opened. Look at those tiny ears.

At 6 weeks, Harris already has lots of personality.

Baby feet.

At 8 weeks, Harris already knows how to pose.

We know a lot more about Harris's early life than we do for any of our other cats. We know that Possum (aside from his stories of being the son of a mafioso Norwegian baron) was a feral rescue from Shrewsbury, Mass. He was trapped, neutered, and released before he was 2 months old. Then he got himself trapped again, and his rescuers realized he was more adoptable than feral, so they caught his sister and brother, too. They went to a rescue organization in Marlborough. Wendy and her brother were born in a fast-food parking lot in Swansea, and were saved by two nice women running a rescue in their homes. Toffee was one of the lucky strays on the streets of Dorchester; he was caught and taken to the Animal Rescue League in Boston.

And so we are the beneficiaries of quite a number of cat-loving rescuers across Massachusetts and Connecticut — some are strangers and some have become friends. We're grateful to all of them!


  1. Happy Birthday to Harris! I was so pleased to see the picture of our mom Winnie. My two legged mom Kelly, hadn't seen it before. Love, your favorite brother, Buttons.

  2. HI Harris-
    This is your first Mommy Donna. Happy Birthday sweet angel! Pinky sends her love. And to all the siblings too!!

  3. Happy Birthday Harry!! Happy Birthday Toffee. And Happy Birth-day was a big day for you too. It is nice to see pictures of Harris when he was so little. Seldom do we who adopt kitties get to see them when they were little. (Cooper was 2 + 1/2 & Beanz was 8 months). Harry, you were a cute little hamster....heeheehee

  4. Happy Birthday, Harris! We sure do miss you but are glad you're in the best home we could wish for! I hope your mom and dad give you a catnip rainbow to celebrate!

  5. Harris and Toffee thank everyone for their very kind first birthday wishes! Toffee says he was a much cuter hamster than Harris at this time last year. But unfortunately, he doesn't have any proof since he departed from Dorchester in a hurry and left his digital baby photos behind.

  6. Happy Birthday Boys! And thank you for the wonderful rescue stories! Those baby pictures make me very jealous. My Lyra came to me from the Humane Society of Broward county at one year old (but still very kittenish!), so I know very little about her previous life an can only imagine what an adorable kitten she was!

  7. Talk about Squeeee!! I just did, seeing the pink nosed wonder that was Harris as a baby!


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