Saturday, August 24, 2013

Home Again

We had a wonderful time in Maine, and I'll be posting about it soon. We missed the cats as much as we anticipated, but their sitter emailed almost daily with updates and photos, which helped. Everyone came out to see us (and be fed) as soon as we came in the door. They also seemed rather shy at first, sizing us up and keeping a safe distance before asking to be petted or twining themselves around our legs. I suppose that, like me, they need a little time to adjust whenever a resident human disappears and then returns.

Cats are cool. They may be thrilled that we're home, but they never go all to pieces — there's no vulgar display of, say, barking, licking, jumping, sniffing, and drooling. We're treated to a quieter, more civilized welcome; you can read it in their eyes.

 Now that I think about it, cats behave like New Englanders. Dogs are from parts of New Jersey.

As soon as we return from a trip, my husband rushes to unpack his suitcase and put everything away. Otherwise, I'd be inclined to postpone all that depressing effort for a day or two, or maybe a week or two, but he sets such a good example that I have to follow suit. So we unpacked, sorted the mail, listened to the answering machine (two actual voicemails, 12 hangups and robocalls), and even did laundry and grocery shopping within a couple of hours of our return — all the while fussing over the cats and cleaning up torn tissue paper, dead shopping bags, and other evidence of their adventures.

Harris curled up and slept in a ball between us last night, according to my husband. I was sound asleep and missed it. But Possum also came visiting two or three times toward dawn, walking around on me and head-butting my hand so I'd awaken and pet him. It's always great to see him, and I told him so.

Maine is glorious, and we love spending every minute we can outdoors... but it's nice to be back.

Swimsuits drying on our porch overlooking Southwest Harbor.

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