Thursday, August 15, 2013

In Maine

It's great to be back in our familiar "poolside bungalow" at the inn in Southwest Harbor. The pool is comfortable, the hot tub is perfect, and our friends here are wonderful. We've already visited with six of them. We've also met a couple of interesting guests. That's more socializing than we normally do in a week, and it's only our first night.

We began missing the cats before we finished packing the car this morning. But I feel better about leaving them since I arranged for the sitter to give them special treats each day. This morning, I left out two of their carriers — "Possum's apartment" is in its usual spot by the door, and the other one is in the bedroom. They will enjoy lounging and wrestling in them for hours every day. They'll also get their favorite, freeze-dried chicken breast treats, which transform all four of them into hysterical beggars. They'll get an extra can of food on some days, and a catnip party on others. They'll also get an empty box and a pile of long strips of kraft paper for more good times.

The sitter told us to leave some freshly worn clothing lying around, because our scent would reassure the cats that we'll return. We left a couple of tees on the bed and, sure enough, Possy and Harris curled up on them.

But the most reassuring thing is knowing that they have each other for company and really enjoy being together. Same-species companionship must be even more important than human company — I feel sorry for "only cats," even when their owners tell me the cat prefers it that way. I believe that any cat would be happy to meet the right pal, protégé, or accomplice. Possum, Harris, and Toffee get along just beautifully, and they are nice to Wendy whenever she wants anything to do with them.

The cat sitter reported that she PETTED Wendy in her hiding spot under the bed today. Perhaps she is a Cat Whisperer. Perhaps Wendy will decide she likes her more than us. Whoa.

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  1. You have beautiful cats. I have three myself. I was interested in the pet sitter and going away situation. I always feel bad when we leave them. We have a wonderful cat lady next door who comes over every day but I still wonder if we are emotionally abusing them. When we come home they don't come out right away, as if they are mad at us.


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