Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not Packing for Maine

We're heading to Maine tomorrow morning. It's 10 pm, so it's High Time I started packing. I can't get motivated because I can't bear to leave the cats for such a long time. I told Possum we'd be away for quite a while. This was his reaction:

He looks philosophical but he's seething; I got quite a lecture about how this will have a negative impact upon his mental health. He requires a lot of attention and conversation from us, especially at 5 in the morning, an hour when he feels particularly lonesome and insecure. That's when he walks around on me and head-butts my arm until I pet him and tell him how magnificent he is. 

He's also annoyed because he doesn't want to be in charge of the kittens for such a long time. I had to bribe him with extra food, promises of even more attention, and a possible trip to see the "Sargent Watercolors" show at the MFA when when we return.

Wendy doesn't like it when we're away. She doesn't like it when we're here, either, but at least she gets regular meals without Having To Risk Her Life. When we have a cat sitter, she hides the whole time because she thinks she is Going To Be Killed. And then she gets very hungry... unless the sitter is wily enough to find her and quietly place her bowl nearby. Then it's just a question of whether Wendy or one of the boys gets to her food first.

We are trying a new sitter who only cares for cats (no dogs) in a few city neighborhoods. This is her new, second career after a long time in the business world. Maybe she'll become successful enough to need a partner....

Anyway, Wendy needed to be reassured that we will not take her Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher toy with us to Maine. It's one of her favorite resting spots when she's brave enough to be out in the open.

Harris and Toffee hate it when we go away. They are used to having me at their service, and they will miss the loads of attention and playtime they get as long as I'm awake. So they've decided to get jobs, so they can afford to go away on their own vacation whenever we do. After some vocational counseling from Possum, they decided to train to be a pair of lion statues. They figure they can sit in front of a fancy hotel or condo building and make a small fortune. They are quite serious about this; here they are practicing:

I'm not sure how much I'll be posting from Maine. I may decide to take a break from my laptop, or not. The real question is whether I'll be able to tear myself away from gazing at cat photos on my phone to enjoy the lovely Maine surroundings, the hot tub and pool, the carriage road trails, and the popovers. 

It's going to be a long vacation.

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