Saturday, August 31, 2013

Possum's Apartment

All the boys (and Wendy on rare occasions) love hanging out in Possum's apartment. Possum is generous about sharing his space and sublets it to all of his pals.

While we were in Maine, we put Possum's apartment in the living room and got a second apartment for the bedroom. Harris claimed that one:

Old apartments like Possum's sometimes collapse, and the padded floorboards that keep them rigid have a tendency to leave the premises for short walks. Sometimes an apartment will even rotate sideways. Fortunately, we have a professional management company that provides repairs and maintenance. 

Apartments are perfect spots to sleep, think, listen to music, wash up, and play with friends. If you have a sympathetic landlord and a good professional management company, you can even trash or flatten your apartment periodically. 

However, you should never chew on your apartment. If you're caught, you will be evicted and your apartment will be off limits to everyone — locked away in the closet. 

And good luck to you if this happens on August 31, because all the other apartments have just been rented for a whole year. We're sorry, Possum, but you won't have access to your bachelor pad again until your next vet appointment. The blame is on Harris and Toffee, who can't keep their teeth to themselves. 

(By the way, although there's a new law that requires Boston landlords to register their apartments and pay a fee of $25 each for the privilege, City Hall will make an exception if the apartment is under 3 square feet.)

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