Saturday, August 3, 2013

Squee TV

My friend Robin at Kitten Associates (where we adopted Harris) took in a young cat named Minnie and her five newborn kittens in early June. The kittens — four orange tiger males and a calico — are nearly big enough for adoption now. This is a bittersweet time for hundreds of us who have watched them over the past couple of months on Robin's live cam, "Squee TV." We've known them since they were tiny "hamsters" with their eyes closed, and are currently enjoying their crazy-kittenhood. Squee TV is a great way to procrastinate, so check it out and bookmark it; it may not go on for much longer.

Toffee discovered Squee TV this afternoon. He was fascinated to see one of the orange tigers playing on a corrugated scratching pad similar to his:

(It's a good thing I cleaned my desk yesterday, not that you can tell.)

The kitten went off-camera.

So Toffee went looking for him behind my laptop.

He waited for him to return...

And was rewarded for his patience. I think Toffee would like a kitten for his birthday.


  1. I too have LOVED Squee TV. I can't believe they have grown up so fast (it seems). I remember the first day little Gracie ventured out of the Blue bathtub. You go girl!
    Robin sure has done right by that whole little family. She is so good to her furry friends. (Dood is the coolest B&W cat ever)
    I hope she continues Squee TV even when these little ones have families of their own to train.
    Toffee is ADORABLE! (& looking rather fluffy again these days, yay)

  2. Thanks for writing Anne! Yes, Toffee is his old fluffy self again and showing signs of even greater furritude.

    I have a feeling we'll meet another kitten family on Squee soon after Gracey and the boys move on. I really hope so: it's the only way I'm going to recover!


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