Saturday, September 21, 2013

101 Books

I've just removed another 26 books from our shelves, windowsills, and cupboards, so I'll be getting rid of 101 books. I cheated a bit, since 11 books had been in storage, waiting for a buyer on But they've been listed there for years without any interest, so it's time they went. But a book is a book and I'm about to be 101 books lighter. Fifty are going to be recycled since they are crumbly old paperbacks, but the other 50 are newer and in decent shape, and might be of interest to someone. Options include giving them to the Boston Public Library (or the Somesville or Bar Harbor Library when we head to Maine next month) for their book sales, or donating them to Boomerang's. We might see if Rodney's in Central Square will give us credit for some of the better titles. There's also a nonprofit bookstore-café in Waltham that might take them.

But before I decide about that, I've got a lot of work to do — reorganizing many of my hundreds of remaining books. I have lots of empty shelf space so I can add dozens of books that were living on tables, a windowsill, and a couple of other inappropriate spots. The problem is that most of the empty shelf space is up close to our 10-foot-high ceilings, since that's where I kept my least-favorite books.

Fortunately, this is my idea of a fun way to spend Saturday night.

All four cats look forward to having free space on the coffee table for their own stuff.


  1. Your home looks so nice and warm and inviting...except for the lack of human seating. All your beautiful chairs and sofas are taken. Oh well, no time to read anyway.

  2. Cool photo of all four cats together - even a relaxed Wendy!


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