Friday, September 6, 2013

3-Year-Old Mystery Solved

Remember this?

I certainly hope not; if you remember this blog post about it from September 2010, you might be a stalker. (Actually I get so little traffic here that a stalker or twelve might be welcome. I said "might.")

Anyway, three years ago I saw this thing sitting by a truck on Gloucester Street with no one around, and I couldn't figure out what it was. Today I was enjoying a Choco Weggli (toasted, buttered, and always too small) and checking for blog comments and, lo, there was this — from Anonymous, my most loyal reader:

A cast-iron High Victorian campaign-style (folding) daybed. Of course! How obvious! No Back Bay apartment should be without one. (Everyone should possess at least one item that needs three compound adjectives and a set of parentheses to adequately describe it. This is my newest rule.)

Mystery solved. Now we can all sleep at night. Preferably not on anything like that. I wonder what became of the horsehair mattress that originally accompanied it. 

My thanks to Anonymous for delving into the archives and taking the trouble to tell us what that creepy thing was. (Hmm, I think I know who you are. Let me guess: you've sold one of these?)

Update: Oh, my god. I just checked the price on 1st Dibs and it's $4,500. I should have stolen it when I had the chance.


  1. Certainly unusual. I have never seen one before. I does not appear all that comfortable. I am guessing a horsehair mattress is not overly soft. Since it is called a campaign style daybed, I presume that the design would have been based on beds used by military officers in the field. Quite a nice price for the thing!!!!!

  2. Have a look now. Not sure which one you saw, but the newest one there is $8500.
    I was doing a search to find the value of the one I just picked up. Dumbfounded. You should have bought the one you saw. So excited :)

  3. Holy cow, I went on FirstDibs and saw what you meant. There's a simpler one that's$2,900, still outrageous! I should go into the cast-iron daybed business. Thanks for writing!


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