Wednesday, September 11, 2013

50 Books... and 12 Years

September 11, a melancholy day. We all changed when those towers fell. We may not feel it acutely anymore, but we're different, even as we've moved on. Moved on to the point where Massport picked today to ignite some old fuselage at the airport for fire training. Judging from the local reaction, most of us haven't moved on that far.

I'd call today a scorcher — the weather guy said it felt like 104 degrees this afternoon — except that it was so humid that "scorcher" sounds too dry and appealing. I went for a morning walk and it felt like slogging through soup along the Esplanade. My feet were burning and sore when I got home. So I canceled some appointments and stayed in, turned the air conditioning up to a roar, and told myself I'm lucky to have the freedom to do as I please (which is spin for saying I'm unemployed).

I pulled out our ladder, picked some bookshelves, and filled a recycling back with 40 ratty paperbacks (plays and monologues from my acting days, textbooks, my crumbly Tolkien trilogy). I put ten decent hardcovers aside to offer to a used bookstore for credit. Ten books will usually trade for only one or two others, but that's fine.

I didn't find this as hard as I expected, but I've pledged to winnow another 50 books from my library. Those will be more difficult to cull; I hope to start tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

In other news, I managed to photograph Wendy today, hanging out with Possum. Usually she hides all day like a little furry Garbo:

Those two will go to the vet tomorrow for their check-ups. I look forward to hearing about their weights, which should be much lower than last year, thanks to their healthier diet. I'm curious to know if we should feed them more; they'd love it.

Our vet hospital is moving five miles away to Forest Hills, next week. I will miss being able to walk to their office in Kenmore Square whenever we need anything. On the other hand, the cats are all so healthy that I haven't had to go there in months. Let's hope that keeps up. Forever.

When it cooled down to about 90 tonight, I went for another walk. The Pru was lit up to commemorate the day:

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