Monday, September 2, 2013

A Little Shopping

Anthropologie gives it's "Anthro" cardholders a one-time 15% discount during their birthday month. Mine is August, so I went shopping at the Newbury Street store on Saturday — my last chance.

I always enjoy browsing there because the mood is inviting and relaxed, and the merchandise is creatively, and often wittily, displayed. Sometimes, when I'm in Manhattan, I'll visit three or more stores in a day, and each will feel different in terms of store architecture, mood, props, and layout. The stock gets moved around often and displays change continually during the week, so there are always new things to see (and you often can't find whatever caught your eye the week before because it's been moved).

I like their clothing although it's often a little too "interesting" for my taste. While some of their clothing works for a broad range of ages and body types, a lot of their dresses and skirts are too short for anything but teens and 20-somethings. But every woman can find plenty of things to add some character to her wardrobe.

Since my closet is pretty full, I decided to try on some fall sweaters and jackets just for fun. I can't wait to need a sweater. I love fall and cool weather.

While I was in the dressing room, I saw a young woman in this dress examining herself in the three-way mirror:

She looked fabulous in it. It wasn't quite this short —it came an inch or so above her knee (that model must be over 6 feet tall). The dress is made of heavy fabric and it's structured and beautifully made. It showed off her tiny waist and willowy figure. She clearly was hesitating though, and when I heard her ask for another shopper's opinion, I peered out of my dressing room and told her how great she looked. 

She said, "I love it, and I want to get it for a wedding, but my boyfriend said it makes me look like Alice in Wonderland." 

I said it did nothing of the kind. It made her look amazing and sophisticated and it fit her perfectly. As she twirled around for me, I said, "Wear your hair up at the wedding so everyone can see your face and the lines of the dress." I could tell that she was carrying herself the way we women do when we love whatever we're wearing and know that we look good. How often does that happen to us? So I said her boyfriend didn't know anything about dresses and that she should get the dress. She said it was expensive as she looked at the tag. "When's your birthday?" I asked, prepared to give her my birthday discount." "Oh," she said, "I get the birthday discount today, and I have a gift card..." I raised my eyebrows and she raised hers as we gave each other the universally understood "It's Fate!" expression.

I saw her in line later, with the dress and the boyfriend. Good for her. 

So what did I get? A couple of infinity scarves. The fabrics were so pretty I couldn't resist, but I think they call them "infinity" because you can spend that long trying to arrange them just so:

Orange silk with tiny sequins and lots of embroidery

Wool challis. I love these jewel tones.

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