Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bits and Pieces on the Web

New York Magazine is much more entertaining than Boston Magazine; I read it online all the time. Today they've got The 50 Most Fabulous (and Famous) Cat Ladies of All Time. Including this one:

Lauren Bacall and two friends. Photo: REX USA/C. Everett

Somehow they missed Audrey Hepburn and Orangey, her tabby costar in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I promised not to buy Frye products, but if someone left these Melissa Harness boots on my doorstep (size 7), I would not leave them there to weather the elements. That would be wasteful (although not as wasteful as cutting down seven mature trees to make room for neglected planters that look like chimneys).

I'm not buying these. I'm not. No, really...


At "casual dining" spots like Sullivan's and Tasty Burger, I dazzle my husband with my newfound knowledge of how those little paper ketchup cups, soda-can pull tabs, TicTac dispensers, and other everyday items are really supposed to work. You can impress your friends and family, too. Just go here.


Colorized photos of our favorite shipwreck of 1912? What's not to love?

 A stateroom. It appears they had "boob lights" even back then. 
Photo colorization: Anton Logvynenko.


I bought this Madewell Outbound Jacket the other day at their Newbury Street store, and I live in it. It's soft, sturdy, and weathered, like I've worn it for years. They make a new-looking, drizzle-resistant version that's lined, if that's more your speed. Madewell offers a 15% student/educator discount. I used that (via my husband) plus a $25 coupon I found in their catalogue, so I only paid $100.

I plan to wear this all winter for walking, with a warm sweater underneath.


When we move, we definitely want feline furniture. That is, about four out of six of us definitely do.

Now that I've gotten rid of 100 books, this much cat shelf space might be possible. 
But not for long. Source: Hamster Sokuhou.


Remember this crazy-painted house in Newton? The price has dropped twice since it was listed a couple of months ago. It would be a very nice house if you could stand being inside it long enough it repaint it:

This still upsets me. Photo: Via


A future post will cover some interesting things I've found on Pinterest, which remains a daily addiction.

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