Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Book deaccessioning continues in fits and starts. I've eliminated 75 books from my library, with 25 more to go. Then I need to decide if I feel like getting rid of another hundred. Judging from how long this project is taking me so far, I believe I've already made that decision.

I found a book on one of my shelves (okay, it's a windowsill, and I hope it becomes an unemployed windowsill again one of these days) that belonged to my husband, so that was a bonus. I discovered several books I didn't know I had, and a few I really want to read.

The cats are no help at all.

Toffee, irritated by book and ladder commotion

Speaking of cats, we took Wendy and Possum to the vet on Saturday for check-ups and shots, and their weights are just right. Wendy is 9.5 lbs, down from a high of 12. Possum is 13.9 lbs, down from a high of 17.5. They don't need to lose another ounce, which means we should feed them a little more to keep their weight stable. If the youngsters would stop snitching food from Wendy and Possum's bowls, all would be well.

All would really be well if we could get into the habit of brushing their teeth. My vet brushes her cats' teeth every day. I've been planning to make this part of our routine — along with more regular grooming for the boys, at least — since these kittens arrived. I have everything I need to get started and our vet showed me how to do it. But the only real progress I've made so far is that I've added feline dental care to my List of Things to Stop Procrastinating about. I won't tell you how long that list is, but there are still items from high school on there. I've also been procrastinating about updating that list.


  1. We brush Poppy's teeth twice a day. Did the same with Maggie Mae and she only had to have one dental cleaning in her life. That saved about $700 a year over some of our friends.

    I'm amazed at how heatlhy Poppy is with the fresh food. Hope it keeps the Proper Kitties healthy too.

  2. I used to brush the teeth of all 4 - to save my sanity a bit, I did 2 one day, the other 2 the next day, and so on. I did this for 3+ years, and it wasn't really bad at all once they got used to it and I had a routine going, and then . . . I stopped. No real reason that I can remember now, except something disrupted the habit. My four are all pretty old and in various stages of tooth loss (one totally toothless, and he couldn't care less - eats everything), so it matters little now, I guess. I'd like to think I'll go back to doing it for the newer, younger group I'll have someday. Except for Wendy, for whom the TERROR likely isn't worth it, I bet your boys would do OK with it.

  3. OMG - I so badly need to do some "book deaccessioning". I wonder what the rules should be?
    You should "deaccession" the book if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
    1. You haven't read the book in XX years (So, what should the limit be?)
    2. You've forgotten you had the book
    3. The book is part of a series, and the series has "moved on without you"

    But if I followed those rules, I'd have to get rid of most of my books!
    There should be a trade-in program - bring in your "real" book, get the Kindle version for free. The "real" book can then be donated - recycling at its finest!


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