Saturday, September 21, 2013

Current Craving: First Printer's Lobster Roll

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the purchase of our first new car* in 11 years over lunch at First Printer, in Harvard Square.

We're not usually in the mood for lobster rolls, but we hadn't had any in Maine this summer, and it seemed appropriately celebratory, so we splurged. First Printer's version is served on a soft pretzel roll, and there's a hint of fennel and citrus along with plenty of lobster meat and some mayo. I've read that the restaurant keeps a lobster tank in the basement – the meat was fresh and sweet. The sandwich came with a salad that had pineapple and citrusy dressing, and a helping of thick, truffled fries (and I usually don't like thick fries). Altogether, it was a perfect medley of flavors and textures, which is not something I'm usually subtle enough to notice since I'm so busy feeding my face. Lobster, fennel, citrus, and pineapple are wonderful together! And the salty potatoes balanced the sweetness and tang.

First Printer has been offering a free scoop of their homemade ice cream with every meal. I usually can't eat ice cream, but the waitress told me I really should taste it and that she'd bring me just a small scoop. I chose dark chocolate, and it was marvelous — as dense and rich as frozen chocolate mousse. I finished it and survived. Now I want to go back to see if everything is as perfect the second time around. 

*It's a Subaru BRZ, in silver. It's zippy, affordable, and quite impractical — it holds about 2.7 passengers, needs premium gas, rides like a go-cart on its summer tires, and has a trunk the size of a glorified glove compartment. But it's also a gorgeous piece of "car candy" that makes my husband very happy, and that's what matters most. It also has heated seats (my only request this time around) and a decent safety rating for a car of its class. Our thanks to Some Assembly Required for advising us on this purchase. He compiled a list of cars that met our requirements for us to check out and test drive, and insisted on including this one (even though we're much too old for this car) because he knows my husband's taste.

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