Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Harris Poses

Harris is photogenic and has a very expressive face, so he's my best subject. He doesn't hide most of the time like Wendy. Harris lies around, thinking thoughts. What are they?

I love to photograph Possum, but he is always either buried in a book or lying on his back; there are only so many belly photos one can shoot. And when he's reading, I can't see his face and he gets grouchy if I disturb him.

I would love to have more photos of Toffee, but he often breaks his poses to go after my camera. I've taken a lot of out-of-focus shots of his nose.

So that leaves Harris, the eternally cute, posing cat:

Possum is teaching Harris art history, so he's got some new poses. I'm not sure what they're currently studying since Possum doesn't understand timelines (or time). So I'm not sure what this is supposed to be:

At least it's different.


  1. Harris oozes confidence. He knows he is gorgeous, admired, and loved...and that all this bounty is his due! Mainemom90

  2. Hello! I came across a photo from your blog during a Google image search. It was an older pic of Possum and his siblings from the foster home. I thought you'd be interested to know, we are the family who adopted Abenaki, Possum's sister! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the picture! If you're interested, I would love to share some pics of our sweet Abenaki with you. Her and Possum look so much alike :)

    1. Hi Emily! I'm so delighted you've gotten in touch with Possum and me! What a wonderful coincidence, or twist of fate! I've often wondered about Abenaki and would LOVE to hear about her and your family, and to see photos. We knew that both of Possum's siblings were going to grow up to be gorgeous, exceptional, sweet cats, and it was hard for us to leave Abenaki behind on the evening we came for Possum (Ossipee was already spoken for). I just went back and looked at my posts from October 2009 to relive those days. Such happy times! (Until we discovered that our other kitten, Wendy, had ringworm! But we prevailed and didn't catch it.) I can see that your little icon photo is Possum's beautiful sister!

      Please email me at Can't wait to hear from you!


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