Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hippie Chic at the MFA, Part 2

Here are the rest of my photos from the "Hippie Chic" show (click photos to enlarge): 

One of my favorites: This graceful brown cotton "Tara" dress from 1969, by Betsey Johnson. 
It has a full, flounced skirt, inspired by Gone with the Wind, according to the label. But no hoop.

Another great favorite: this floral silk chiffon floral dress by Giorgio di Sant'Angelo has appliqu├ęd silk flowers along the sleeves and a matching wreath. It was inspired by Botticelli paintings (see Flora in La Primavera).  Why? For some thinkers, the Flower People of the early 1970s — with their idealistic (read "flaky") beliefs about love, beauty, and nature — recalled the similar, Neoplatonic beliefs of Renaissance Florentines. That's, like, so deep! I just really want to wear this dress, man.

Here's another fantasy dress by Giorgio di Sant'Angelo. 
Love the skirt, which appears to be a series of scarves. 
The top looks like something out of a Peter Max poster.

I think my Francie doll had a dress similar to this, with better sleeves.
The label calls this a jacket, by Barry and Yosha Finch, 1970.
I love how the shoes match the tights. We used to obsess over such details — and succeed!

At this point, I got so carried away by the visual and musical feast that I stopped reading 
labels.  This dress has an Art Deco vibe that reminds me of the influence of films like 
Bonnie and Clyde (and, later, Chinatown) on late 1960's and '70's fashion. There was a point 
when every woman wanted to resemble Faye Dunaway. And why not?

More retro-inspired fashions. The bias-cut dress in the background — the whole ensemble, really —
looks very current. Even the shoes are back, although I'm not sure that's a good thing.
I love this suit but something about how it drapes suggests "polyester" rather than "wool."
It could be wool that drapes like polyester — synthetics were much more desirable back then.
I wish I'd checked the label.

In the early '80s, I had ghillie shoes like these, with tiny, narrow kitten heels, and pointy toes.
Mine were gray, and I actually got a job because my interviewer admired them so much.
The dress is made of Peter Max fabric.

What? No cat references in the APB's blog???
Check out the print on the trippy jacket on the left. 
I missed it entirely until a friend pointed it out, having read the label.

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