Friday, September 27, 2013

Recovering Nicely

I don't look as cute as Harris when I'm lying around.

Toast is a wonderful thing. So is Possum, who keeps me company. I think I'm much better, but I'll be eating bland food for another day or two, just to be sure. I'm also going to take a break from my pedometer for a few days, to see if it helps the bursitis I have in my knee, whichis fairly painless but looks like a ping-pong ball.  I've been averaging 10,000 steps a day for nearly three years, or about 5500 miles. I think I can take a little break, and my physical therapist is urging me to "slack off" to see if it brings down the swelling.

I emailed the restaurant that served me the soused mac and cheese, to ask them to please fix their menu so guests will know when alcohol is an ingredient in unlikely dishes. It matters to a diverse group of us: people with IBS, former alcoholics, people who take medications that interact with alcohol, Muslims, Mormons, and the list goes on. The manager of the restaurant called me tonight and apologized, saying he'd make sure the menu was revised. He also offered me a free meal for two. I'll happily go back — I'll just interrogate the waiter next time, as I usually do.

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