Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seen Around Boston: Furry Fashion Trend?

The other day we saw this young woman walking in front of us on Boston Common — looking quite normal except for the long black fur tail she'd attached to the belt loop of her shorts.

We were mesmerized as it swayed backed and forth with her steps:

I suppose this is why 19th-century women wore bustles.

I took these photos from a greater distance than it appears; they're cropped. We weren't the only ones paying attention. I noticed others staring, smiling, and giggling as she passed. We overheard a few comments, but only when she was out of hearing range. But it wouldn't surprise me if she got some louder, ruder comments or wolf whistles (is that a wolf tail?) somewhere along her way. But I'll bet she could handle it; she carried herself with confidence and attitude. I think you'd have to be pretty tough, brave, or clueless to wear something like this on the Common.

It's not unusual to see people wearing tails, cat ears, etc., during anime conventions, but this appears to be an everyday style statement. I'm sure she's not the first to do it; there's nothing new in the world of fashion. 

So what do we think? Will we see more of this? Do we want to see more of this — fake fur only, of course? Would you consider adding a tail to your outfit?

• Eye-catching, provocative
• Funny
• Plenty of bang for the buck, especially if the fur is fake
• Not as cumbersome or uncomfortable as, say, most shoes worn to be eye-catching and provocative
• Easy to remove, unlike some other dramatic statements (tattoos, piercings, fake tans)

• Eye-catching, provocative
• Funny
• May attract unleashed dogs as well as coyotes, owls, and other beasts of prey
• Fleas, ticks
• Hazardous if caught in trolley doors
• Weird
• Trying TOO HARD

1 comment:

  1. "Trying too hard" about sums it up!
    Lets hope it was fake fur. If not then it is just a horrendous tragedy to make an animal die so some stupid human can show of her stupidity.


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