Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Disagreement

Last night, Possum and Toffee had a political argument. It happened as they were sitting on top of our recycling hamper, parked near my desk these days. The boys take turns hanging out on top of it, so it's more convenient for cat photography than recycling since we can rarely lift the lid. (It usually sits outside our door but has come inside because we're painting the hall.)

The disagreement was clearly about strategies for ending the government shutdown, but I don't have particulars because it was conducted almost entirely in Cat, which I barely understand. Possum is the only cat I've known who speaks English to me, and he refused to translate. He'd never rat on his little brothers, even when they're behaving badly. He considers them still young enough to be allowed a few crazy ideas. Still, whatever Toffee was suggesting got Possum hot under the ruff, for he felt it necessary to smack him out of it. So Toffee had to be ragging on either President Obama or Norway; those are the two revered topics that will drive Possum to blows. Toffee is a dreadful student of geography; I don't think he knows what Norway is, let alone anything about it. So we must assume that Wendy has been talking Tea Party theory with the youngsters again, doing a slick job of swaying our impressionable young liberals. We thought she had come around to the rest of the family's way of thinking (after a lot of wrestling matches with Possum). But she has a short memory and has an idée fixe that the Tea Party is all about afternoon cookie breaks.

The photos are blurry action shots, so try imagining them as a movie:

Toffee is not conducting himself like a gentleman.

They come to blows.

Possum prevails.

Toffee refuses to capitulate.

Toffee sticks out his tongue, a Miley Cyrus–inspired provocation that Possum loathes.

Possum is astounded at Toffee's insolence (and knowledge of pop stars).

Possum's final blow. Toffee jumped down and went away.

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