Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Doubtful Guest Arrives

The Doubtful Guest, written and illustrated by Edward Gorey

We spent Saturday on the Cape and made a quick visit to the Edward Gorey House just before closing time.

Photos of windowsills inside:

Best poison bottle ever.

Old, probably local, glass.

Mr. Gorey looking out that very window, "his favorite journey," as the caption says.

We couldn't leave without purchasing a handmade Doubtful Guest ornament. We were belatedly celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary, and had decided that the traditional gift of silver hollowware wasn't appropriate in our case; to me, any old day is a great day to buy hollowware. So we hereby declare that the modern 16th-anniversary gift is Goreyana. 

I sometimes think of Toffee as our Doubtful Guest, since he also arrived on a cold winter night, wearing white high-tops and quietly concealing a baffling, destructive nature. He joins us for meals but has so far never eaten "All the syrup and toast and a part of the plate." But give him time. 

I should try to knit him a little muffler to make the resemblance more complete. But he would eat it.

The boys encountered the DG on their sofa:

  Wendy was hiding; we can assume she felt she was Going to Die via the DG.

Possum is Doubtful, too.

Toffee thinks, "Did you really need two of us?"

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