Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day, Harris!

We are back from France, voilĂ . I will write about our trip later. First things first: while we were away, we missed celebrating Harris's 1st "Gotcha Day" anniversary, which was Monday. A year ago, we drove him home from Kitten Associates (our new friend Robin's shelter in Connecticut) in strange, unsettled weather and eerie light — we were just ahead of Hurricane Sandy, which hit the coast that night. Our kitten didn't notice a thing; our kitten was mellow.

Here is Harris today, not entirely pleased about his witch's hat with a spider:

How tiny he was a year ago, in the first photos we took. He liked to bite everything in those days:

He is still kittenish and has yet to grow into his big white feet. And he's a snuggler — similar to a lap cat but even more clingy and cuddly. He burrows into us, sleeps between us, and lies limply in our arms, purring. I never had a snuggler before; they're great.

He has a sweet, demanding personality. If he wants my attention, he'll nip me on the arm, jump into my lap, or "comb" my hair by raking it with his claws. If he wants to chase the laser pointer dot, he fiddles with the lid of the box where I keep it. He tends to get everything he wants, from us and from Possum, who still treats him and Toffee as "his" kittens, watching over them and giving them baths. Harris closes his eyes and revels in the attention, managing to look both babyish and royally entitled.

All three of us are besotted with him, in case you couldn't tell.

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