Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late Postcards from Maine: Eagle Lake

Look what turned up in the mail. Maine is a dim memory, since I've spent the week preparing for our quick trip to France, starting this weekend. But I love remembering our walk along Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park, which was closed. But that didn't stop us, or anyone else from the looks of things, especially the cars parked along the roads.

Fall color, but with plenty of green.

It was a moody day, alternating dark clouds and sudden flashes of bright sun.

Bright water and a clear sky.

 Such dramatic, changing light on our walk.

You can't go wrong.

My kind of hiking trail — a carriage road that's walkable in boots or flip flops.

Pithy comment about the government shutdown outside an MDI inn.

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  1. Lovely pictures. and bon voyage!


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