Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Crimes of the Hearth

Naturally, we watched the Red Sox last night, biting our nails. (I leave the room when I can't take it anymore; these have been tough games.) The dehumidifier was roaring, groaning, and snapping away, a few feet from us and the TV, making it impossible to hear the crowd cheering at Fenway from our bedroom window. Fenway is less than a mile from us and the sound travels well on cool, post-season nights. There's a slight time-delay during broadcasting, so loud cheering alerts us to good plays just before we catch them on the screen. When games are tense, it's wonderful to hear the crowd going nuts while we're still waiting for the pitch.

Anyway, phew.

After the game ended, the errant pumpkin I've been struggling to keep on the mantel decided to try jumping to freedom again. (A Tigers fan?) Lieutenant McBeastie was on the scene immediately. He arrived with remarkable — rather suspicious — speed, in fact. Chief Inspector Maquoddy soon joined him on the ground:

McBeastie took the lead in the investigation with the Chief Inspector's approval. Two junior detectives, Von Rottenpot and Pantherina, took their time about making their appearances. Here you can see McBeastie subduing the pumpkin, which was putting up quite a fight over being returned to the mantel. 

 McBeastie resorted to unorthodox interrogation tactics as his fellow officers carefully looked away:

Officer Pantherina wonders the pumpkin might Cause Her to Die.

The pumpkin is back on the mantel, and I'm debating about opening up my package of Quake Hold Museum Putty to keep it there. (I'm secretly terrified to try the stuff. I'll want to remove that pumpkin someday, and what if the mantel comes with it?)


  1. PB: I have a little container of Quake Hold that I've had easily 15 yrs, maybe more . . . and have never had the guts to try. I'm scared because I'd be sticking it onto antique furniture, old china, etc. . . .

  2. Hmmm- maybe. It gets even stranger - four cats, no kids and, yes, I make my living as a freelance writer and editor . . .?

  3. So that's where we differ: I don't making a living!

  4. I forgot to mention the 12 years of Catholic school - I must have had more ruler whacking nuns than you did :)


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