Thursday, October 17, 2013

Possum's Gotcha Day

We missed celebrating Possum's 4th Gotcha Day on Tuesday in the chaotic aftermath of the plumbing leak in our building. I didn't remember until last night. Possum was gracious about it, as always. He had spent the previous two days giving me dirty looks, knowing looks, strange looks, and resigned looks, which I misinterpreted as his dislike of our torn-apart bedroom and workmen making noise... because he refused to correct me. When I finally figured it out, I fussed and cooed over him appropriately, which he lapped up like cream (although he's never had cream). He is my favorite — the only cat I've ever had who speaks English and Norwegian. And he is such a perfect, good-natured brother to Wendy, Harris, and Toffee.

I get nostalgic at this time of year, so here are some photos of Little Possumus P. Passamaquoddy, back in the fall of 2009:

Here's teenage Possum in January 2010:

And here's Possum yesterday, hanging out with Harris on a pile of clean laundry. As you can see, he is glaring at me because I still hadn't remembered his day.

Later on, the two tried a little pairs slacking, a competitive feline sport that's similar to pairs figure skating. (I've written a lot about pairs slacking; just click on the link above if you need more information.)

As you can see, they are working on the "Reverse C" position, an old favorite of Possum's from years ago, when he first trained with Wendy and Snalbert was their coach. Possum's doing well in his pose, although his troublesome right ear shows tell-tale alertness that would be a points deduction in competition. Harris, on the other hand, is a mess. He can't resist sneaking peeks over his shoulder to make sure he's mirroring his brother, his right ear is out of control, his facial expression is wide-awake (when slacking, he should always appear sleepy, deeply relaxed, or possibly comatose even though he's carefully holding his pose), and he's grabbing his tail with his paw, which would knock him to the bottom of the ranking if he tried it in front of a judge. That is the equivalent of figure-skating with a chair for support. 

Possum has his work cut out for him with Harris for a slacking partner. At least they are, physically, an extremely attractive, well-matched pair. I swear that was not in my mind when I found Harris on and fell in love with his photos. It's just a nice coincidence.

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Possum!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Possum!! You were a cutie as a kitten!! Our favorite photo of you is on Sept 8, 2011. You look like a living beenieboo stuffed animal. I see from your pictures that you have always been a tummy showing off kind of kitty. Do you let mom pet that wonderful tummy?? I would have to !!!

  2. Hi Anne! Thanks for your message! That photo is my favorite, too. It's the home screen on my phone so I see it all the time. I'm happy to report that Possum loves all petting, from his nose to the back of his legs, with all that tummy in between. He lets me hold his feet, and he loves it when I stroke his mouth, whiskers, and teeth. Brushing his teeth should be easy... but it is not. He is also a "rumpus-raiser" if we pet his back.


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