Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Postcards from Maine: Obligatory SWH Sunset

We're home from our weekend in Southwest Harbor — we had a great time. Everyone staying at the inn had figured out how to get into Acadia despite its being closed. Visitors parked their cars along the roads instead of the closed lots and did their thing. As long as they weren't on motorbikes or motorcycles, the rangers let them alone. Although no one we spoke with had made it up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the Beehive was climbed, Sand Beach was cavorted upon, and Eagle Lake was circled. We walked some of Eagle Lake ourselves, and also took the Wonderland Path by Sea Wall. We saw beautiful fall color, which I will show in an upcoming post.

There was a brilliant sunset on Friday night. It was too cold and I was too soaked from the hot tub to go down to the dock, so I took these photos from an upstairs porch at the inn. I should have been braver; the harbor was pink and orange, and spectacular:

Because the air was chilly and the pool was 65 degrees, my husband and I always had the hot tub to ourselves; last year was warmer, and we'd had lots of company. So we caught up with people at breakfast time instead, and during a dinner at the little restaurant down the road. We also ran into several locals who've become friends over the years. It's a small town but there always seems to be plenty to talk about. And on Sunday, the innkeepers hosted a cocktail party where we caught up with more friends, old and new. We have a  much more active social life up there than we do in Boston, which is pretty weird when I think about it. So I try not to.

I can report that the overzealous fiancĂ©e of last year did not reappear — but her ex-boyfriend and his wife did, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

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