Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sasha & Colby at the Animal Rescue League

I went to the Animal Rescue League in the South End yesterday to visit a pair of 8-year-old longhairs Sasha, a dilute tortoisehelll and Colby, a bright orange tabby. They are best friends and like to snuggle together and groom each other, according to their bios. They have been living in a pen at the ARL since August 22, when their owner gave them up (he is too ill to take care of them). They've been haunting me ever since I first saw them a few weeks ago; they remind me of our Snicky and Snalbert, who died last year and had similar coloring.

The shelter was full of people adopting kittens and young cats so these two seniors — they're only 8 — were barely given a glance, as was the situation in the past when I visited them. It's really too bad. I sat on the floor in their little pen and Colby came right over to me. As I petted him, he began purring and head-butting me. He's big and beautiful, and the kind of sociable cat that enjoys to be spoken to.

His sister Sasha is harder to photograph, just as our tortoiseshell Snicky was. Here's the photo from her ARL listing: 

Photo: Animal Rescue League, Boston

Sasha is a little shy compared to Colby but very sweet and docile. She loves to play with wand toys and has a lot of energy. And such beautiful green eyes:

I think they both seem a little sad: who wouldn't be after losing one's home and one's beloved person? Being penned up in a noisy shelter for seven weeks is also taking a toll. The cats don't realize how very lucky they are: the Animal Rescue League staff know they are great cats and are dedicated to finding them another good home — and there won't be a time limit, as there can be with other shelters. But how I hope it happens soon. Stress and strange surroundings can make many cats in shelters ill. The ARL is a very good shelter, and they do a particularly good job of evaluating the personalities of their cats; their volunteers spend time playing with and observing them. They write detailed bios for the cats, and the ones for these two are full of praise for their being affectionate and snuggly. (And they're honest: they told us that Toffee was "very vocal" and "a little devil." We didn't believe them, since he spent all his time with us purring in our arms at the shelter. But they were dead-right about him, especially the "devil" part.)

After I was there for a while, Colby went up onto the bed the cats share and began kneading it with his paws, purring, with his eyes closed before settling in. I think he liked getting attention from me, and would be a great companion. You can see him kneading away, with his head in the corner:

Sasha really wanted to play. They both let me brush them. Their coats are long but not matted. I think regular brushing and a healthier diet, including Omega 3 supplements, would improve their fur dramatically.

When Sasha settled into her box, I got up to go. I will go back this week to visit again. If you know anyone who wants a pair of gorgeous, friendly, and generally wonderful longhaired cats, please send them to the Animal Rescue League in Boston. Thanks!


  1. They are absolutely beautiful and I would love to adopt them....unfortunately, I live in CT and the Animal Rescue League site appears to want MA residents for adoption.

    1. Hi, if you are serious, I'd suggest that you email them or give them a call. They are eager to find a great home for these two, who have been in the shelter for so long. If you can offer them a good reference from your vet, etc., I'd be surprised if they don't give you serious consideration. Good luck!

  2. I think Kashmir might need some fluffy friends!

  3. Hi I just searched "Colby and Sasha Cats" and found this post. My girlfriend and I adopted them about 2 or 3 weeks after you wrote this post! The ARL moved them down to Barnstable on the Cape after we first met them and were deciding whether we wanted to adopt them. We couldn't get them out of our minds, so we drove 2 hours each way to get them!

    They're still both doing great and healthy as ever 5 years later (but maybe a little fatter)!

    1. Thank you so much for writing and letting me know this great news! I'm so happy you all found each other and that all is well! They are remarkably sweet and lovely cats and I never forgot them.


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