Friday, October 11, 2013

The Way Life Should Be: Reality TV...

We are heading to Southwest Harbor, Maine, today, for the annual Columbus Day "last hurrah" at the inn where we've been regulars for 15 years. It seems that almost everyone who stayed at there last Columbus Day is returning this year; we had fun getting to know new friends and reuniting with other long-time guests. For a long weekend, we were one big, happy, only mildly dysfunctional "family."

The inn was also the setting for a romantic comedy that weekend: a regular guest showed up with her new boyfriend. She likes to bring her boyfriends to the inn. Unfortunately, she discovered that a recent ex-boyfriend had also checked in for the weekend — on his honeymoon. The inn is small, so the situation was awkward. But the woman managed to get herself engaged by Sunday afternoon. (Several of us couldn't avoid witnessing her maneuvers in various public parts of the inn. They were bold and transparent. But they worked.)

The new fiancée asked the innkeepers to reserve the whole inn for Columbus Day 2013 for her wedding. The innkeepers refused; it's a big weekend for returning guests. (As for the rest of us, we were skeptical of the whole affair.) She reserved a different weekend. One bitterly cold night last winter, the innkeepers called to say hello, and mentioned that the wedding had been canceled.

I don't know if she is coming back this weekend. I sort of hope so. I heard she showed up with a new boyfriend in the summer. And, believe it or not, another ex of hers had booked a room at the same time.

Inns can be such interesting places.

This year, Acadia National Park is closed, of course, and that means no popovers at the Jordan Pond House Restaurant, which sits in the middle of Acadia, a beacon of butter and strawberry jam. We are more disappointed about the loss of the popovers than the park, of course. Having the park closed gives us even more excuses to lie around at the inn and poach ourselves in the hot tub instead of hiking or otherwise exerting ourselves Out in Nature. But, during our visit in August, we discovered that the Jordan Pond House gives you unlimited, free popovers at dinner, whereas you have to pay for extras for lunch and tea. This was earth-shaking news. We immediately made a plan to take the innkeepers to dinner this weekend and we all intended to indulge ourselves with as many popovers as we wanted. (How many? For me, that would be three, tops. Yes, one more than they normally give you. It's the idea of unlimited popovers that has so much appeal.) I am keeping my unbuttery fingers crossed that we have a working government again by the end of today — and not only for the popovers, believe me. (I tend not to wax political on this blog but I have been seething over the shutdown. Those traitorous, un-American idiots....)

We will have to devise another decadent dinner plan, probably involving lobster.

Time to head north, and find out what kind of reality show we'll be witnessing from the hot tub this year.

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