Monday, November 18, 2013

Cat Naps

Possum  and Harris snuggle together on a recent chilly afternoon, while Wendy keeps her distance.


  1. In 'Pairs Snuggling', are points deducted for front right paw being slightly out of place?? (and someones back foot is visible, is that acceptable?)
    Nice to see Wendy judging the competition.

  2. Hi Anne, Pairs Snuggling is one of the most difficult of all the feline sports and, while these two would look great in the sparkly PJs worn in competition, they'd have to train a LOT — we're talking years of coached, daily snuggling — before they could ever hope to make it into a championship. They are going to stick with Slacking, which is less rigorous. But they can dream... as we all can!


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