Friday, November 1, 2013

Harris in Paris

When we're in Paris, we always visit the Ile Saint-Louis for beautiful scenery, interesting shops, crêperies, and maybe a scoop or two at Berthillon or Amorino. There's a colorful store called Eva Baz'Art, where I often find clever, unusual things. They used to sell tea towels printed with the Paris metro map. The large print is so much easier to read than any guidebook version that I sometimes stick one in my purse for complicated trips around the city.

This time, Eva Baz'Art didn't fail us. This time, they were selling Harris!

We were stunned to see lots of Harrises staring at us on the Ile Saint-Louis. 

Our brains kept telling us it was not the real Harris but our hearts kept saying, "Harris! Harris!" It's truly his doppelg√§nger, courtesy of a company called Catseye London. They sell 26 different Harrisy products: cosmetic bags, a wallet, totes, notebooks, a paperweight, a velvety pillow, an eyeglass case.... They have other images, too, but don't ask me why. Who wouldn't want Harris?

We pulled out our phones to compare the real Harris with this one. Pretty close:

I wanted one of everything but, unfortunately, Harris doesn't come cheap. I settled for a shiny cosmetic case. Now Harris can come with me everywhere I go. And, back in my room, I discovered that a few Harris items are for sale on Amazon. The Catseye website says they ship all over the world except to the US and Canada, but they plan to expand to start selling their stuff in American shops this year.

Hurry up.


  1. Hmm, wasn't Harry's Gotcha day while you were away? And don't you think it is odd that while out shopping you "ran into" an awful lot of Harrises??? Hmmmm, just say'n, someone was not letting you get away with 'forgetting' him on his big day!!!

    1. Gee, you're probably right that he rigged the whole thing. Harris is such an attention hog. If he notices us making a fuss over someone else, he'll come over and park himself between us and the fussed-over cat, so petting HIM is unavoidable. That display in that shop was pure Harris in more ways than one.


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