Saturday, November 16, 2013

In Vermont

We're spending the weekend in Vermont where I'm happy to report that there are crêperies everywhere we go — or at least in Montpelier and Burlington, where indulged ourselves (local ham, cheddar and apples in Montpelier; Nutella in Burlington) yesterday. We spotted the Skinny Pancake in Montpelier as we drove through town but weren't expecting a sister café in Burlington until we parked the car, got out, and saw we were right next to the side door.

Today we are in Woodstock, in an ornate and formal Victorian Inn. Our room has five different Bradbury & Bradbury wallpapers, including three on the ceiling. It's gorgeous but it takes getting used to. Waking up, I felt like I was inside a gorgeously wrapped Christmas box. Like Acadia National Park in Maine, the town and surrounding countryside have been dusted with gold from Rockefeller family philanthropy. And that's always a great thing.

Where there are Rockefellers, there are carriage roads, so we're off for a walk.

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