Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's Toffee's Gotcha Day

Toffee (or more formally, Toffee von Raughtenpaught) came home with us from the Animal Rescue League one year ago today. We'll open a tin of sardines and have a little party for him tomorrow, when we're back home.

Finally I can stop worrying that whoever had him in Dorchester will change his/her mind and take him back — on his adoption agreement, it says his original owner has the right to reclaim him for a full year. They told us this almost never happens with stray kittens, but I still worried.* After all, who in their right mind would give up Toffeepot?

So he's a little... destructive. So he was expensive in terms of emergency vet services for a while there. So what? If you stroke his back for two seconds, his huge, heavy tail pops straight up because you've made him happy. If you keep petting him, he'll flop around in such bliss that he'll roll right off the bookcase or table if you aren't careful. He's such a catty sort of cat. And he's gorgeous, too.

Here's a photo from the night we got him from the shelter, as he napped in my husband's lap. We thought he was a quiet little angel. The shelter staff said he was, in fact, a "little devil" but we saw no supporting evidence:

Toffee looking winsome at the shelter

We found out the truth soon enough, but by then it was too late. We were in love. Speaking of little devils, do any of you have ideas about how to decorate a Christmas tree so it's indestructible? I have hundreds of glass ornaments that will probably not see active duty this year unless I wrap our tree in barbed wire after it's decorated, as one helpful friend suggested.

This is what I'm up against:

They were small and inexperienced last year. 
This year, they are bigger, smarter, and fearless.

Oh, well. I'll figure out something. In the meantime, more baby photos:

* Our vet tried to ease my fears early on, telling me she'd disguise him with magic markers if this ever happened. I appreciated the offer but continued to worry.


  1. Phew! & Congratulations. Happy gotcha day Toffee. You have zero worries of having to leave (as if you were worried). He sure is a keeper.....keep you on your toes, keep you running around, keep you happy with that cute little self he is...Congratulations!!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Toffee!! :)

    I put my glass ornaments away and started decorating my tree with cat toys.. I think it makes for a tree that looks much more fun and I don't care if they play with them - in fact I'm happy because it means they are playing with toys they haven't played with for a while.

  3. Greetings, Connie! I want one of your black and white fluffball kittens SO badly! At least I'm going to be "godmother" to one, along with Robin. But I really, really want one of my own! Thanks for reading, and I'm enjoying Tales from the Foster Kittens,

  4. My fiancé and I came up with a re-casting of Downton Abbey with the boys, Possum, and Wendy. Hope you find them to be appropriate and silly.

    Toffee : Tom Branson
    Harris : Matthew Crawley
    Possum : Lord Grantham
    Wendy : Miss O'Brien

    We have been holding this in ever since "The Disagreement". We are so grateful for your wonderful blog and delightful felines. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Dear Teri, Noah, and Gracie in the 'Hood: I'm still laughing. Wendy was sure you were going to cast her as Lady Mary. I thought you'd be going for the Dowager. You nailed Possum and Toffee, but especially Possum, as you'll see if you check here:

      Toffee is thrilled to play the working-class Irish rebel. But none of us want our Harris to get flattened by a truck! Please, oh please, can't HE play the dowager instead? Or can we dress him up in a flapper hat to play Edith?


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