Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Last Postcards from Paris

Oh, non! Some enfant has lost her lapin.

Why don't WE have a crêpe stand at the foot of our street? 

A crêpe maker in the Marais, slicing a banana onto my second or third Nutella crêpe of the trip.

His menu. I'd like to try the Reine (ham, cheese, mushrooms, olives) next time, plus a raspberry or apricot jam crêpe for dessert.

The weight of all the lovers' locks on Paris's bridges are threatening some with collapse.

A welcoming flower shop.

Pink displays near the Place Vendôme, courtesy of Estée Lauder for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

An old-style jazz band performs "Dream" on a Sunday afternoon in the Marais. 
Made us feel like we'd walked into a Woody Allen film. We even began stuttering.

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