Saturday, November 30, 2013

Late Postcards from Vermont: Montpelier (+ Burlington)

Gee, they took two weeks to get here. We stopped for lunch in Montpelier on our way to do a quick errand in Burlington. We'd never been to Montpelier (the state capital) before, and we were taken by it's  old-fashioned charm. We spotted three independent bookstores in the center of town and we weren't even trying hard. There's a lot of beautiful 19th-century architecture, too:
One of several handsome churches (if only they'd bury the power lines...)

The library. I popped in; it's just as nice inside, and busy.

Second Empire houses across from the library. Let's move here.

One of the bookstores, and some obligatory roadwork. 

Buckwheat crêpe with local ham, cheddar, and apples. I'm still amazed we managed to land in the only two "Skinny Pancake" crêpe restaurants in Vermont without trying. We enjoyed our lunch in Montpelier, and wondered if there were branches (since we were too full for dessert). Then we parked in Burlington, feeling peckish, and found ourselves right in front of the door to the Skinny Pancake. I've been obsessed with crêpes lately and my radar is really working. These very-locavore restaurants were started by some Middlebury graduates. Let's hope they open one in Boston.

We went to only one antique shop since I'm still burned out on junk after overdosing in the summer. This jackalope ashtray made me eager to leave.

Besides crêpes, Burlington has this lake, which is also impressive.
That's New York State in the distance. 

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