Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh. Boy! Paul Is Coming to Boston!

Soon the Proper Bostonian and her compatriots won't have to go to Paris or London to have a warm tarte au sucre or a tartine for breakfast, a perfect sandwich mixte for lunch, and some hearty peasant bread to take home — and don't forget a tarte au chocolat for a snack. This summer, the first of seven Paul bakeries is coming to the Boston area, at One Boston Place in Downtown Crossing. Thank you, Mayor Menino, for this parting gift of 6,000 square feet of carb-lovers' paradise.

Will everything taste as good here as it does in Europe? Only extensive sampling over many weeks will tell.

A few previous, satisfactory encounters with Paul:

Oh, my! How did I forget their eclairs?


  1. Oh I'm trembling with excitement!! Do you know if Paul offers mont blanc (pastry with chestnut puree and cream)? I went onto Paul's US website but didn't see this dessert. I've only had it once, in Seattle, and can't find it anywhere in Boston...


  2. Hi Angie, I don't know if they make a mont blanc, but they do have a wide variety of small pastries, just like all the French patisseries do. That does sound wonderful, but if they don't make it, you will still find plenty of consolation.


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